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Create the things you wish existed

You know what you want, but you don�t know how to do it? We will help you!

This is what we offer

If you think it`s simple, then just do it yourself.

Every DIY area is covered in hundreds of our e-books.

Step-by-step guidance on how to do it yourself and on how to do it easily.

Discuss your progress with a personal coach on any stage of art creation.


Every single book, our storage contains, is written by a remarkable professional. These manuals include every point that has to be taken into consideration by a DIY beginner.


Need someone to help you find a way out? Our coaches are waiting for a call to consult you online on any situation you are in.


  • 5-day period for 1.95 €
  • 2 ebooks per week
  • Coach by phone 2 hours / month


  • 5-day period for 1.95 €
  • 5 ebooks per week
  • Coach by phone 5 hours / month


  • 5-day period for 1.95 €
  • 10 ebooks per week
  • Coach by phone 10 hours / month
Turning Your Sewing Into Marketable Merchandise
Embroidery essentials
Smart Sewing Machines
The Complete Guide To Crochet
Crochet Crafting
Grandmas Crochet Crafting Tips

Thank you for making my life so much easier. Your e-books serve me as a magic wand.

T. Morgan

I recommended your e-books to everyone I know. Subscription definitely justifies means and expectations.

J. Woods

I love that e-books are adapted for different devices, it is very convenient.

P. Garcia

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